Mid-Bay Bridge Authority System

The primary MBBA System is designated as SR 293 and comprises the Mid-Bay Bridge, Danny Wuerffel Way (“Wuerffel Way”), and the Walter Francis Spence Parkway (“Spence Parkway”). The Mid-Bay Bridge Authority System also includes all additions, improvements, connections, extensions, approaches, streets, roads, avenues of access, and transportation facilities appurtenant thereto.


The Mid-Bay Bridge is an approximately 3.6-mile, limited access, two-lane, fixed span toll bridge that traverses Choctawhatchee Bay, connecting Niceville and Destin in southeast Okaloosa County. The bridge opened to traffic in June 1993 with one mainline toll plaza located on the north side of the bay.


The approximately 0.8-mile Danny Wuerffel Way connects the south end of the Mid-Bay Bridge to US 98/SR 30. The 11-mile Spence Parkway connects the north end of the Mid-Bay Bridge to SR 85.


The Spence Parkway opened in phases with the first section (Mid-Bay Bridge to SR 20) opening in May 2011, and the second section (SR 20 to Range Road) opening in September 2011. Phase 2 (Range Road to SR 285) and Phase 3 (SR 285 to SR 85) of the Spence Parkway opened to traffic on January 4, 2014 with toll collection beginning on January 6, 2014. The Spence Parkway was previously named the Mid-Bay Bridge Connector but was designated the Walter Francis Spence Parkway by the 2014 Legislature and signed into law by the Governor in May 2014.